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Since my birthday is tomorrow, I wrote this paragraph out of sheer boredom.

Looking back when I was 18; I entered college, did college stuff, pulled all-nighters on big assignments, and traveled to the beautiful international city of Montreal (twice *squee*), along with the Big Apple and Boston where I got stuck in huge crowds and met people from other parts of the world. I have witnessed the crazy waves of fandoms, a sad yet quick regeneration of the eleventh Doctor, ponies getting their own kingdom, and reblogging funny and cute pictures of classic rock artists and bands on Tumblr. By the end of the college school year, I not only got one, but two jobs this summer; working as sales for a vitamin and supplement shop, and security for a grocery store known to have a lot of trouble with shoplifting and trespassing. With those two jobs, I might be able to pay for the upcoming fall semester, give me some work experience with my major in CRJ, and make me a little more comfortable dealing with strangers. When I turn 19, I know things are going to strain and get more difficult as I advance to sophomore level classes at Lyndon, see the one I love go off to basic training, having to deal with financial struggles and phobias that will impact me from most things. But I know that through all the stress, I will try to keep calm and carry on through my final year titled as a teenager, and it will be alright.